Top 4 SEO Tips To Start Your Blogs | How To Make Your Blog Go Viral

Top 4 SEO Tips To Start Your Blogs | How To Make Your Blog Go Viral

Top 4 Tips About SEO To Get Started

SEO has taken the online marketing world by storm.

And for good reason:

Approx. 70% of the links that users click after searching for a keyword are organic searches.

And approx. 93% of internet users are constantly using a search network to find new businesses and information.

It's good real estate for online marketers, and even offline marketer who wants a piece of the pie.

SEO spending has seen a steady increase over the last ten years and will continue to climb upward for a long time!

I started my SEO journey back when keyword stuffing was considered the gold standard.

I dove straight into the deep end of SEO without any hesitation and barely made it to the other side.

But along the way, I picked up on some big trends and major mistakes.

And I lived to tell about it, so you can learn from my successes and mistakes.

Here are four things I wish I would have known about SEO when I started.

1. Content Marketing is SEO

How do they fit together? Are they competing trends? Which one is more important?

The answer is:

Content marketing = SEO. You can't really do one without the other anymore.

I wish I knew the impact that content marketing had on SEO when I started.

And how important content can be when it comes to building a following for your brand.

Approx. 78% of consumers prefer getting to know a company through content over advertisements!

So always create content to create awareness of who you are.

2. Share Your Blog On Social Real Estate

Why sharing your blog on Social Platforms work? Because there are a lot of eyeballs on them!

People are looking for good content to read and engage in. So provide that content to them. Make sense?

I share my content all over the internet. Why? Because the Google bots look for traffic and engagement from your new blog post.

Sharing is caring guys. Let people know that you and your brand exsist. You can't build your brand if no  none knows you exsist.

3. Make Your Blog Is Mobile Friendly

People are always on the go. Most people are running so therefor they have there cell phones with them at all times.

It's the new "NEW PAPER" these days. Ummm... do new papers still exsist? Just check... Lol. People want to see your blog.

They can be at lunch viewing your blog.
They can be in the bathroom viewing your blog.
They can be in bed viewing your blog.
They can be even DRIVING for Pete's sake viewing your blog!

They can be every where viewing your blog guys. So make sure you have a blog platform that is mobile friendly!

The best way to check is to click here.

So now you know how it  should look, it's time to  consider getting started.

4. Give Them a Reason To Want To Read Your Blog

Yes... This is one of the most important tips. Give your audience a reason to read your blog posts.

I can't express this enough. Giving is caring and it displays you as a non selfish blogger. I built my brand on giving away value!

I believe in it. You want to see what your audience or your followers need. So therefor you give them what they need.

You can also give them what they like. It's very simple and basic tip that should be implemented in your attempt to brand yourself

as a giver! Because in the end in order to receive you must GIVE first! 

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