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Mission Statement

The mission of Lead Traffic Network is to create a community of success minded individuals and to empower them to achieve their financial goals. We seek to become the one and only Internet marketing partner of our members and measure their success through exponentially increasing income via the tools, tactics and information we provide. We Lead Traffic Network are committed to creating a rewarding and constantly evolving environment in which we achieve life-changing, wealth-building results.

Vision Statement

At Lead Traffic Network , our vision is to be the best Internet marketing resource company worldwide. We expect and demand the best we have to offer by always holding steadfast to our mission to create a rewarding and constantly evolving environment in which we help others to achieve life-changing, wealth-building results.

About The Founder

As an Internet marketer, Steve Datoolguy is dedicated creating traffic software tools, traffic methods, and information you need to make real income online. We do not promote some get rich quick scheme. We promote the true way to earning a living online by hard consistent work and dedication with using the right way of marketing online.

Steve Datoolguy journey online was not easy. It was filled with hard knocks and learning curves. There was countless hours spent in his office trying to figure out how to get free consistent traffic with out spending a ton of money he did not have in the beginning. But after a rugged road, he finally cracked the code and Steve Datoolguy wants to share it with you.

How Did He Get His Name

How did he get his name? The name came from his desire for automation. Steve started using email software and it evolved from there. Steve Datoolguy started getting leads and sign ups in no time once he found out how to email. Steve was bringing in strangers to his business very quickly and he started making money online after 2 1/2 year of struggling online. So Steve saw the vision in automation and Steve went after it.

To sum it up, Steve Datoolguy has created a powerful platform for the internet marketers, backed by an incredible mind and standards.  What that means to you is a solid foundation for building a true online presence that will bring you results and exposure. This will lead to branding yourself in which it will turn into making money online.

Originally from Alabama,He looks forward to connecting with you and hearing your success story.

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