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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much will I get paid every Saturday?

That is completely dependent on your level of participation with ORU. If you logged in just once that week, it might be only $0.25. If you participate in multiple ways every day, it could be $50 or much more! You can really make consistent income with ORU Marketplace!

2. How to earn money and to increase my Score?

Here are a few ways to increase your score! Spending money is not the only way:

* Login to your ORU marketplace  
* Buy something in the market place. (Members can get paid or pay with MYFUNDS or ORU's ( ORU Quantum )
* List products in the market place. (Members can get paid  or pay with MYFUNDS or ORU's ( ORU Quantum )
* List services in the market place. (Members customers can get paid or pay with MYFUNDS or ORU's ( ORU Quantum )
* List businesses in the ORU market place. (Members can get paid or pay with MYFUNDS or ORU's ( ORU Quantum )
* List a store in the ORU marketplace. (Members can get paid with MYFUNDS or ORU's ( ORU Quantum )
* Post on your ORU Social profile.

* Advertise your products, services and businesses / stores to other members and receive advertising participation rebates each      Saturday.
* Become an ORU Premium Member and earn additional rewards incentive participation payments each week. Get all the benefits of    the ORUPAY global payment technology platform and get the ORUCARD as a benefit to withdraw funds.
Share ORU with others and get paid the ORU Protocol sharing bonus.

3. How do I receive my participation reward?

Your participation reward will be sent directly to your ORU MyFunds account, which can either be spent in the ORU Market or deposited onto your ORU Prepaid Visa Card which can then be withdrawn at thousands of ATMs all over the world.

4.   How do I use the ORU Market?

Using the ORU Market is simple. Register for your ORU Market account on the ORU Market website or the ORU Market iPhone / Android App and immediately you have a universe of possibilities, benefits and tools at your fingertips. 

ORU Premium Membership is charged at a one-time activation fee of $30.94 and a small monthly membership fee of $5.95. Start receiving great rewards on purchases made at ORU merchants. 

ORU Premium Member incentive participation payments are paid each Saturday. Once you have registered you will be issued your very own ORU Share Code. You can list products, services, stores and businesses in the ORU Market. 

You can buy, sell, trade or swap with all other ORU members in the world. You have secure messaging options and live chat to communicate with your fellow Orutopians.

ORUCARD is the ORU Visa® Prepaid Card

5.   ORU Premium Membership

ORU Premium Membership is an ORU Saas (Software as a Service) membership, As a Premium Member you get benefits such as the ORUPAY global software payment platform, ORUTRAVEL, ORU HealthRX, ORU Marketplace, ORU Chat and the ORUCARD which is the ORU Visa® Prepaid Card and its own software portal.

Premium Members also participate in one of the most generous give back programs ever introduced by a company. Think of it as a way we say: "thank you for your participation" and an acknowledgement you deserve for supporting and using the ORU services.

This program is called: ORU Score

6. Register, Participate, Share, Get Paid

As a Premium Member, you can start posting your products, services, businesses and stores right away, by using all the software tools made available to the ORU Market. Once you have published your free listing, you can use the powerful ORU Marketing and advertising functions to share directly with a local or global ORU Member audience you specifically target and select. 

Simply click on ORU Advertising in your account section and create your own custom promotion, communication or advertisement. For a minimal fee you can then broadcast your advertisement and look forward to great responses. 

But that is not the best part ---- Each week ORU Market pays ORU participation Income to Premium Members as an incentive payment. ORU Members receive this payment each Saturday.

7. Is ORU an MLM company?

The ORU Market IS NOT AN MLM ( Multi Level Marketing, also known as Direct Sales or Network Marketing) Company. ORU Market is an Enterprise Software and Information Technology company that offers its software capabilities by subscription to its members on a non-exclusive license basis. 

In a typical MLM company the company distributes its own products through a network of distributors who earn income from their own retail sales of product and from the retail sales made by the distributors direct and indirect recruiting of others. 

A broader definition would be any marketing program in which the participants pay money to the the owner or promoter of the program in return for which the participants have the right to: 

(a) recruit additional participants, or have additional participants placed by the promoter or any other person into the program participant's downline, tree, cooperative, income center, or other similar program grouping; 

(b) sell goods or services

(c) receive compensation, in whole or in part, based upon the sales of those in the participants downline, tree, cooperative, income center or similar program grouping. That is MLM defined.

ORU Market does NOT:

- charge a facilitation fee to its members

- get paid by its members for any rights to refer other members to the ORU Market

- pay compensation based upon sales of members

- place members anywhere into a program

- get paid for recruitment of members

- receive commissions based on the participation of its members

ORU Market DOES:

- provide free product listings

- provide free service listings

- provide free business listings

- provide free messaging services

- provide free chat services

- provide free iPhone App

- provide free Android App

- provide free website linking

- provide free media listing

- provide free communication editorial functionality

- provide free archiving functionality

- provide travel services

- provide health Rx prescription drug savings services

And these are just some of the outstanding services provided by ORU Market to its global membership.

Members join the ORU Market place to market their own products, services and businesses. ORU does not directly or indirectly compete with its members by selling products or services offered by its members either for free or for a fee.

ORU Market offers a communication and advertising platform to all of its members to create, edit, archive and broadcast their product, service or business messages to other members who have voluntarily opted in and subscribed to receive these messages. 

ORU Market members have the opportunity to select their audience based on sophisticated tools and capabilities and data selection, free of charge. A small fee is charged to broadcast this service and this fee constitutes a source of income to the ORU Market. 

In addition, ORU Market offers its members a prepaid debit card called the ORU Visa Prepaid Card. Members receive this card for free as a benefit of the ORU Premium Membership Subscription.

8. Is ORU a Referral Sales company?

The ORU Market does not offer or promise to a buyer any kind of price reduction, rebate, commission, credit or other consideration. ORU Market offers its members a variety of software tools, on a SaaS basis. ORU Members can offer products, services to members on the ORU Marketplace. ORU Market does not pay or receive a commission on sales made by ORU Members to other members in the network.

The ORU Market does not promise or offer any inducements for a sale or lease on products or services. The ORU Market does not require or ask its members to provide names of other people. ORU Members are free to spread the word to others without inducement.

The ORU Market does not make offers or promises that are contingent upon its ability to make a sale to anybody. ORU Market is an Enterprise Software and Information Technology company. It does not sell products to the general public or to its members. 

It makes its proprietary software platforms available on a non-exclusive basis to all members. Premium Members are subscribed to a non-exclusive license to utilize software platforms, including but not limited to the ORU CARD platform which includes ORU Visa Prepaid Card, ORU Travel, ORU Health RX and ORU Quantum.

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