How To Make Money Online | Sms Lead Network Review | Sms Lead Network | Sms Phone Leads

How To Make Money Online | Sms Lead Network Review | Sms Lead Network | Sms Phone Leads

How To Make Money Online

My SMS Leads Network review a quick overview of the sms lead network mobile marketing service, sms mobile leads and the lucrative opportunity. Plus, I will share with you my exclusive team bonus: Mobile Marketing Code.

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate with SMS Leads Network and if you decided to join from my link I will be greatly thankful. However, I will provide you with a real review on how the sms leads network software works!

My name is Steve Datoolguy and I've been marketing through mobile since 2013. I am a software developer and created mobile marketing tools. I also can show you some mobile marketing techniques that will have you making money online fast.

I originally got into mobile marketing because I saw how powerful it was to engage my subscribers. I also could create a huge leads list on demand. Sending out text messages is a powerful way to communicate with my prospects to create sales conversions. That's where it all start is with mobile marketing. This is a solid way to quickly make money online

SMS Leads Network Review

Mobile marketing association posted "within a decade mobile ad publishers will be spending $70B mobile ad spend market in the U.S. alone, $220B worldwide"

This is a strong indication that mobile marketing work! Marketers would not be spending billions of dollars on it if it did not work don't you think?? Of course they wouldn't! This is how a lot of gurus make money online. They put a of effort towards mobile marketing.

SMS Leads Network was created by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. The main features of SMS Leads Network are:

Bulk Texting

Create Seperate Group Campaigns

Recipients Can Text Back

Voice Broadcasting

Wholesale rates: Less than a PENNY per text (.0075)

Import mobile leads

No monthly fees

*** Included affiliate program - Earn $100 instantly when someone joins at $197 ***

Mobile training

Email broadcasting

Capture page and marketing funnel

Integrated pre-written autoresponder (to promote SMS Leads Network)

10K Fresh Mobile Leads

Most companies charge 4-5 cents per text and charge monthly fees. If you were to run a campaign and send 10K #'s that would normally cost you around $450.

SMS Leads Network, the same broadcast would cost: $75 an saving you $350

SMS Leads Network does not offer an SMS Keyword. However, I spoke with the owner and that may be a future add on as they system is programmed in-house.

The SMS Lead Network system will only send out broadcast text messaging. So in other words you cant create a series of messages to go out over time. This will indeed help you to make money online very quickly


I will send you a software I created call SMS Scraper Extreme 3.0... This software I created will supply you with unlimited targeted cell phone leads from just about any niche. I will give it to you for free! You will also get 10k FREE sms phone leads! Now let's make money online really fast  together.



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