How To Get Quality Traffic From Email Marketing | How To Cut Cost In Email Marketing

How To Get Quality Traffic From Email Marketing | How To Cut Cost In Email Marketing

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If you are not making email marketing apart of your marketing
strategies, then you are missing out on a lot. Most people do not have a list. But if you know of a reliable company that will sell you a list that you can trust, then go for it. You must be very consistent when you are emailing potential clients. Approximately 80% of sells are made between the 5th-12th follow up.

Email Marketing is one of the top avenues to travel down if you want
traffic and sales. Email marketing can get expensive if you want to use a third party company like Aweber, GetResponse, Mail Chimp, Constant Contact. You can easily spend a monthly fee of 100- $400 dollars a month if you have a big subscriber list. They will also limit you as to what list you can upload in their email system. They will also go up in price if your list grows.

That's NO FUN! But what if I told you that you can own your own email marketing system? What If I told you that you can send out unlimited emails from your OWN SERVER. What if I told you that it will cost pennies to do what you want without limits. What if I told you that you can Upload 3rd party leads? The big name companies will not allow you to do this.

Where To Get A Highly Active Email List

You must make sure that if you are going to purchase a email list, make sure you do your research. You can upload 3rd party list with your own Hosted Email System. NO MORE costly auto responders, no more limitations. You can can email to what ever list you want with this powerful software. If you do not have a list, you can purchase highly active list from me. If you look above in the gallery, my client bought a list from me. The list gave him a lot of results. 

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