How To Get High Email Open Rates | SMS Scraper | Web Data Scraper | Steve Datoolguy Review

How To Get High Email Open Rates | SMS Scraper | Web Data Scraper | Steve Datoolguy Review

How To Get High Email Open Rates

You might be wondering how in the world you can get a 95%-97% email open rate right? Do you think it's possible? You know gmail can be very frustrating to a lot of marketers because they have powerful products that they want to get out to their list.

Some marketers may have scraped the internet for targeted leads to share their product. And here comes big brother (Google) slapping us around like a silly rag doll! Uhggg!!! So how in the world are we going to get a 95%-97% open rate if we can't get around spam filters?? 

I just cracked the code my friend... Read carefully my friend... I just created a nice little cute piece of software that will take your cell phone leads and convert them to email addresses. Yelp... You read it right. I created a powerful cute little software that will solve your email open rate problems forever. Most marketers don't know that you can send out an email to your cell phone number leads.

But how you might ask? Watch the video carefully and you will see how the cell phone number converter software will take your cell phone data and convert it to email addresses. Hit their cell phone and keep them updated... Sounds sweet right? With this software you will become a guru crusher for sure.

Check this out. Not only the cell phone number converter will convert your cell phone numbers leads to email addresses, but it will also validate the number to see if its a working cell phone number too. Also it will remove the number if it's a landline. Can you say game changer?? 

So let me recap. How to get a high email open rate? Take your cell phone numbers and convert them to a email address and watch how your efforts become more of reality. Watch the video and get started with the Media Lead Switcher Software

SMS Scraper Extreme 2.0

Pssst! You don't have a list yet? You are probably thinking where am I going to get a list of cell phone leads? It's hard to market your self in this lane without an unlimited supply of cell phone numbers. Well the SMS scraper extreme ( data scraper web scraper ) will solve that problem. Get unlimited mobile phone numbers from the top social media platform via Google! This web data scraper will supply you with targeted cell phone web data. Watch this video to the left to see!! With this software you will become the next guru crusher my friend.

AFTER YOU PURCHASE SOFTWARE PLEASE CONTACT US VIA CALL TEXT EMAIL 801-701-8105  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. WE WILL EMAIL YOUR SOFTWARE ASAP.

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