How To Get Free Leads From Social Media Sites | Steve Datoolguy

How To Get Free Leads From Social Media Sites | Steve Datoolguy

How To Get Free Traffic And Leads Text Me 334-357-6955

 One of the main struggles with a lot of people that are entering the realm of the internet world of marketing is that, they do not know how to get traffic and leads. That is one of the main question I get from a lot of newbies and even old vets that been online for years. There are many way to do this. I want to share with you all on how I get free leads from social media. 

Why get leads from social media sites? Because everybody and their mother are on social media sites. That's where a lot of marketers are. This day in age if you do not have a social media presence, then you are missing out on a lot of traffic, leads and potential sales.

#1 Social Email Scraper Software

A lot of people have the wrong understanding about this software. This software is so powerful to where you would think you are cheating! LOL... but you are just working smarter and not harder. Believe me, this software help build my business and I still use this software to help brand myself. This software will supply you with targeted leads at a click of a button. And yes... People use this software in a wrong way. They SPAM people with this software. They just can't help themselves I guess. 

But if you use this software in a professional and responsible manner, this software will build your business to the moon. The software is design to build a know, like and trust with people you don't know. This software is a perfect way to help build your list especially if you do not have a list to begin with. Most people do not have a list. This software will help you if you use it correctly like I do. You can click the image to the right to get your FREE DOWNLOAD... MY GIFT TO YOU!

#2 Give Away Something Of Value

Now you might be thinking how in the world can I give something away if I don't have anything to give? Well let me tell you something.. You can! You can give this blog to someone you like, care about or love. There is NO excuse as to why you can't GIVE! There is so much to give that floating online as we speak. You can share other people encouraging blogs or free tips form others. You can start with my blog for example. 

You can also simply invest in things that are extremely valuable to give away that can help others to get what they want or need for exchange of there Name, Email, and Phone Number. This is a powerful way to build your list. You can create a simple landing page with something to give away for exchange of there contact info. If you want to learn more about this you can always contact me here and we can get started asap You can simply follow me on twitter, Facebook or even Skype: sbyrd33 .

#3 Post In Facebook Groups

Why not take advantage of the #1 Social Media Site in the world? Facebook is a avenue to really get major traffic to your business. There are over 1 billion users on Facebook. But what I really want to share with you is how there are advertising groups on Facebook that are highly active. Most groups have thousands of eyeballs that are highly active. I mean there are major traffic in the groups that love to read blogs that interest them. I kid you not, I recently created a live video showing you how to post in groups on auto pilot. On live video, I showed people how in 5 seconds I gotten over 100 clicks to my blog from one Facebook group.

From that campaign alone I made over $400 dollars just from posting to about 20-30 groups. And I did this buy just simply creating content that was VALUABLE to the readers. You can watch the video and see how I actually did it on auto pilot. I strongly recommend that you start posting your content into Facebook groups for free traffic, that will turn into free leads and eventually turn into sales. So please do yourself a favor and watch the video above. You will be glad that you did.

I want to thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedule to read and engage in this blog post. If you found value in this blog post please like, comment and share it below. Be a GIVER by sharing this blog with someone you love, like and care about. This blog could help them get over the hump and you can be that BRIDGE between them and this blog. Call/Text Me 334-357-6955

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