You Will Be "SHOCKED" To Learn How To Get 97% Email Open Rate | Email Marketing Hack

You Will Be "SHOCKED" To Learn How To Get 97% Email Open Rate | Email Marketing Hack

by Steve Datoolguy 

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You know, back in the day, preferably the 90's email marketing was the #1 method to use to  crush your business. Marketers would send out massive amounts of emails and hit the inbox in extreme inbox rates. 

I remember when I use to send out emails 8 years ago and it was still a powerful tool to use to generate sales. I remember sponsoring approx. 42 strangers that i did not know into a business within 2 days from email marketing alone.

But it all came crashing down around 2012-2013. It started to get a little difficult to hit the inbox. It also started to get difficult to even get your mail delivered! 

Why Did Email Marketing Become So Difficult Over The Years

Email marketing became so difficult over the years because unprofessional marketers started to abuse their liberty. I say this because I was one of them who did... Lol. 

When using a  Public Free Email Provider like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or Hosted Domain etc.. it was easy to hit the inbox because they was not prepared for the abuse that was to come.

Email marketers saw the opening to take full advantage of the opportunity to SPAM recipients. The email providers filters was wide open which allowed all types of mail to poor into potential customers/recipients inboxes. 

This caused a major inconvenience to those who use public email providers platforms.The Public email providers and Hosting companies beefed up their algorithm to filter out unwanted mail to protect their clients inboxes from SPAM and SCAMMERS. 

So the big companies like Google, Yahoo, Hotmail Hosting etc...forces you to update and clean your list and abide by the NEW rules. 

This NEW practice will weed out lazy marketers and those who are on shoe string budgets to fail miserably. To have your list clean will cost you big money. Scammers will not spend money to try and scam you out of yours for the most part.

How To Get 97% Email Open Rate Email Marketing Hack

Email marketing is still one of the top 10 methods and strategies to use to generate sales. But if you do not have an autoresponder coupled with a way to generate opt-in leads, who want you to follow up with them via email, then you are dead in the water.

If you are sending out email from public email providers or hosting companies, then you will lose big time. Most marketers will not take the time to obey the rules or take the proper channels to hit the inboxes.

But I have  a powerful  way to get up to 97% open rate. This method I perfected yield staggering results that will "SHOCK" you. Check out the result from my Facebook page below in the gallery. I did 3 case studies.

Case Study #1 #2 and #3

My first campaign I decided to give it a shot. I created software that will turn your your cell phone leads (numbers) into a carrier domain email address.

I emailed out 66 email text messages that produced 38 clicks. This yielded me $177!

I emailed out 67 email text messages that produced 42 clicks. This yielded me $309!

I emailed out 74 email text messages that produced 50 clicks. This yielded me $114!

Total: 207 email text messages sent that produced 138 clicks. In all this yielded $603

Not bad for a few test runs

This will create major opportunity to send out a email that will be delivered in the form of a text message! Yes!!... This creates a world of opportunity to get up to 97% open rates.

Check out the gallery proof below. You will be "SHOCKED" to see what I have created. And the results I got. As you can see I did not abuse the liberty. You DON"T HAVE TO SEND OUT a lot of email text messages to get results. This is why marketers are not successful.

Stay with in the guide lines and rules. This will promote longevity in your email marketing and sms text efforts.


In order to receive staggering results from email marketing, you must use a non traditional way to send out emails. This method not only will boost your open rate, but leverage the tool that people can't seem to be with out which is their precious little cell phone.

Take advantage while the getting is good. I can see this opportunity lasting  for years to come. But you never know when lazy unprofessional marketers will try to abuse this powerful liberty and mess it up for us all. If you want to learn more about my powerful software >> READ MORE...

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