Steve Datoolguy - 5 Best Email Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business for 2021

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Here are 5 Email Marketing Tips for 2021

1. You Should Make Subscribing Easy For Your Audience

You should not ignore this important info: it should be really easy for subscribers to sign up for your emails. Do this by including an email sign-up on just about all piece of content you put out on the internet: email messages, blog posts, web pages, social media post etc...

this should not be hard at all. Don't miss out on potential sign-ups —you shouldn't need much more than a name, email address and phone number. Streamline the process by making it a "single click" registration, so subscribers can enter their information and consent to your emails.

2. You Should Provide Your Subscribers with Valuable Content

This is one of the biggest strategies of content marketing, and it is no exception when it comes to email marketing. If you want your email marketing campaigns to be successful and entice more consumers to use your business, you have to supply them with useful and relevant content.

Use the right email marketing software solution to get insights into what drives clicks and engagement so you know what your audience is interested in.

3. You Should Craft a Personal Message

You will get less opens if you send a generic sales pitch. Even though your subscribers have opted-in to receive emails from a brand, they are still looking for a personal touch not a pitch.

Take time to create personal email messages by writing in a conversational tone and relating to your readers on a personal level. You can even use your email marketing tools to generate personalized greetings and email subject lines so that your emails carry that extra level of customization.

4. You Should Create Incentives for Signing Up

This always work for me. The useful content that you will provide your email subscribers is enough incentive for signing up. But there's no reason you can't sweeten the pot a bit by offering some bonus reasons. You can promise discounts, special deals, or entry in a raffle.

5. You Should Optimize for Mobile

While it is safe to say that the majority of marketing emails are assembled on a desktop or laptop computer, the reality is that more then half of emails are opened on a mobile device. Don't fall victim to ignoring or not making the most out of the fact that half your readers will see your email on their phone!

Test your emails to make sure that they look good on all mobile devices, but also consider your mobile content strategy. Make sure that your emails aren't too long boaring! Create clever ways to capitalize on your mobile customer. Maybe one email could encourage them to download your mobile application or hit the buy button.

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