How To Prospect Strangers | How To Recruit Strangers In Your MLM Business

How To Prospect Strangers | How To Recruit Strangers In Your MLM Business

#1 You Need A Cold Audience

Yes you read the title correct. You need a cold audience to build a business or brand. Traffic and leads are the life of any business weather it's online or offline. Most sponsors will tell you to go and share your business with your family and friends. This way of recruiting is old and worn out. And it doesn't work out to well. You will either form a bad reputation with your family and friends. You will become the person that they run from. That is not a good feeling you know?

You want to stay far away form that old way of prospecting. What if your warm market runs out? Then you will have to face the cold market. Recruiting strangers or prospecting strangers can be very intimidating but lucrative. Yes... Very lucrative.

You just have to know how to do it. In the video above talks about two software I personally use to engage strangers into my business. Both of these software will put you and your brand in front of a lot of fresh eyeballs (audience). The more eyeballs you are in front of, the more noticeable your brand will become. 

#2 Give Something Away Of Value

The best way to get prospects into your MLM business is to give away something of value. People need help with their online business. And you can become that sponsor they really like. People will always remember you most of the time, when you have impact something that means a lot to them.

When you give away a software that can help them recruit strangers in their business, then you can expect them to stick around for a long time. Like I said earlier people can't market nor recruit. You can help them a lot if you are able to have things that has value in which can help them build their business.

If you don't have anything to give away you can simply give share this blog with them or you can give them one of three (3) software that can impact you and your prospects in a powerful way. You can have re-sell rights to my software. You can get the Email Scraper, Email Blaster, and SMS Scraper. You can give it away or have them to join your business for the software(s).

#3 Build Know Like and Trust With Your List

Once you are placed in front of hundreds or even thousands of strangers, you must give them something of value. This powerful method works for me. This is how you build a list. Once you build your list, You want to always communicate with your list. Send them emails of encouragement. Send them tips or share blogs that has valuable info to your list. 

Best practice is to continue to give to them tips on how to maximize their efforts with using software. Communicating is key to keeping people interested and knowing who you are. This will cause them to like you even more. They will be looking for your emails because of this. The more you can give to help others, the more valuable you will become to them. Order the rights to give away my software. This will take you to the next level in how to recruit strangers of prospect strangers into your Multi- Level Marketing business.

I want to thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedule to read and engage in this blog post. If you found value in this blog post please like, comment and share it below. Be a giver by sharing this blog with someone you love, like and care about. This blog could help them get over the hump and you can be that bridge between them and this blog.

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