3 Free Tips How To Get Rank On First Page Of Google Fast With Steve Datoolguy

3 Free Tips How To Get Rank On First Page Of Google Fast With Steve Datoolguy

How To Get Ranked On Google

Google is the most coveted place to advertise your business and brand. Google is the #1 search engine and the #1 most visited site in the world. So you would think that you would try and take advantage of a small fraction of traffic that Google is generating right? It makes perfect sense to try a leverage some of the eyeballs that's searching for information on Google. So here are three free tips to help you get ranked on the first page of Google. Also below there are screen shoots on how I'm dominating the first page of Google.

#3 Don't Go After Competitive Keywords

You don't have to go after highly competitive keywords. Keywords are very important because you are trying to use keywords people are putting into the search concerning your topic. Let me tell you, I recommend that you go after "long tail keywords" because people are always searching for info. "how to" is a good way to start off a keyword phrase. People always searching "How To" in their search. You should go after " long tale keyword phrases " in which it will produce go quality traffic when done correctly. So don't go after competitive keywords because you will be spinning your wheels and people are bidding high dollars for those words. Unless you have deep pockets to pay Google, you must go after " long tale keyword phrases ".

#2 Create More Than One Blog Post

You must create more than one blog post. Never depend on one blog post. I have multiple blog post ranked on the first page of Google. You may be asking the question why? Well let me explain... There are trillions of blogs out there in the Google search. Depending on the topic you are blogging about, chances are that you have a lot of other blogs out there talking about the same thing you are talking about. One blog post is like finding a nettle in a hay stack. And we all know how difficult that is to fine. But what if you had five, ten, fifteen or more blogs? More blogs means more organic traffic.

The chances are you being found on the first page of Google are extremely high. So it makes perfect sense to create multiple blogs to increase your chances of someone seeing your blog post. This will boost your organic traffic reach. Also it will look very impressive to the audience to see you dominating in your niche. Also there are 10 spots on the first page of Google Between the paid ads. So if you have multiple spots on the first page, this means your chances are even higher that you will get people clicking on your blog post. Look at my results below and see it for yourself.

#1 Join A Viral Blog System

Why did I say it is better to join a viral blog system? It is better to join a viral blogging system because of a number of reason. You can still brand your self on a viral blogging system. People will join you and not the system that you are using. Next it's better to join a Viral Blogging system because you are leveraging the authority of the domain has with Google. People try to create a Wordpress blog with there name as the domain which is good and Idea. But it's better to join a viral blogging system because it can rank faster that your domain connected to a wordpress. It has to build good authority with Google. 

Also a viral blog system is already established and is user friendly. You don't have time to try and learn how to figure out a wordpress blog on your own. Another benefit is to have a community supporting your blog, sharing your blog, liking your blog and commenting on your blog. A viral blog system community helps your blog go viral. A viral blogging system has a community of bloggers that are using the methods that helps your blog to go viral.


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